Journal Index

An index of all articles from issues 1 – 95 of The Journal.
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Journal Errata

Sons From The End of the Earth – Missing tables from Flechas, a counter insurgency unit from Portuguese Colonial War by Jose Ventura from Journal 82.
Incident Near Badajoz – Reproduction of article by Carl Luxford from Journal 81 with clear maps.

Sample Issue

Sample Issue – All of the articles included here are from past Journals.

Free Articles

The following files are available free to download to give you a taster of the types of articles published.

Rabka – Mszana Road – A scenario from Skirmish Campaigns for Poland 1939
Armor Clash – Russia ’41 drive on Minsk (scenario)
Day of the Hunter – Check Your 6! example scenario (scenario)
Across the Meuse – France ’40 the battle for Meuse (scenario)
Hedgerow Hell – D-Day fighting (scenario)
The Battle at Collecchio – Brazilians Vs Germans (scenario)
Falkland Islands Defence Force – Unit history (article)
Stanley 1982 colour map – Colour map of Stanley (Falkland Islands) in 1982
Stanley 1982 B/W – Black and White map of Stanley (Falkland Islands) in 1982
Building a SP 40mm Bofors truck – Modelling/scratching building (article)
The Battle of Ap Bac – ARVN Vs Viet Cong in 1963 (scenario)

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