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Early War Miniatures Bart9 25 Pounder Limber

In this pack you get two limbers, both 3-part white metal models – main caisson including towing arm plus two wheels. Dead easy to assemble, there was a tiny amount of flash and some faint mound lines which needed cleaning before undercoating. Both models took literally sixty seconds to assemble, great for the modeller who has no time or hates multi-part complicated kits.

Review by Richard B.

1/72nd scale Humber Utility Car

First saw this on their Facebook page, but may have bought it via their Ebay store – waylander.2012

You get a very neat 2-piece resin casting – the vehicle basically cut in two. Obviously this makes for a very quick build as all you need to do is match up the two halves, check the fit (mine needed some light sanding) and glue. There were some holes in the resin and a little flash to be cleaned away (wheel arches and among the stowage in the rear), nothing too drastic and when done the finished piece looked excellent.

This vehicle would make a great addition to your desert forces, I think you could also use it in France 1940 also.

Richard B.