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The Bear's Claws cover

Review: The Bear’s Claws by Andrew Knighton and Russell Phillips

Team Yankee/Red Army Redux and better than both.

The Bear’s Claws is clear and well written. Like Harold Coyle’s Team Yankee the reader is given a deliberately restricted view of events, no high politics, no grand overview beyond the snippets that filter through.

It’s akin to Ralph Peters’ Red Army, but with unusual emphasis on the home front as well as the front line material.

Recommended as a work of fiction, with attention to detail that doesn’t clog up the narrative.

The paperback is available from Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, DriveThruFiction, and Wargame Vault. The ebook is available from Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Nook, DriveThruFiction, and Wargame Vault.

PSC T-55 box

Plastic Soldier Company 1:72 T-55

The box includes parts to make three tanks, each of which can be built as an original T-55, T-55A, or T-55AM. Since there are enough parts to make all three in any version, there will always be spare parts left over for the bits box.

The kits are quick and easy to build. The tracks, for instance, are a single casting on each side, with wheels and track all in one piece.

They lack some details. The coaxial machine gun and sight are missing from the turret, for instance. Still the finished model is unmistakably a T-55. They are sturdy, so should handle being played with on a regular basis.

Given the number of armies that the T-55 have seen service with, this is a very useful kit for any post-war 20mm gamer. I believe S&S Models have plans for conversions, which will make these kits even more useful.

Review by Russell Phillips