This section contains my thoughts on designing wargames, how to make them realistic and anything else that takes my fancy

Antitank Missiles - how likely are they to hit the target?

Tank Gun Stabilisation - is it worth it?

Iranian Camouflage in the Iran Iraq War - a guide to the colours used on Iranian vehicles

Scenario design for wargames - what make as scenario fun to play?

Benchmarking wargames scenarios - can looking at the forces and results of historical battles act as a check to see if our games and scenarios are realistic?

A worked example of the benchmarks in action

Heroes - the disproportionate effect of medal winners on a unit's combat power.

Firepower - exactly how lethal are different weapons when compared to an infantry rifle?

Run Away! - Breakpoints, morale failure and success in battle

The Rules of Infantry Combat - what does infantry combat actually look like?