Below is a list of Traders that may of use to our members. Some offer exclusive SOTCW discount.


Navwar - 1/3000th Naval and More
Anchorage Waterline Model Ships - the sole importer for Hai 1/1250 warships from Austria, Minic and Triton, plus second hand models.


Heroics & Ros - 6mm specialists
Scotia Micromodels - 6mm specialist - producers of Collectair 6mm Aircraft range


Pithead Miniatures - WW2 (US, German, Hungary, Greece, Poland, Italy, Rumania, Russian
Pendraken - Russo-Japanese War, French Foreign Legion 1920s, Vietnam, WW1, WW2


East Riding Miniatures - 15mm WW2 figures (10% discount)
Peter Pig 15mm specialist - WW1, RCW, SCW, WW2, Viet Nam, AK47
Quality Castings Inc. - WWII
Quick Reaction Force - Post 1900


AB Figures - 20mm WW2 or 1/75 scale (10% discount through webstore)
B & B Miniatures - 20mm WW1 and Russian Civil War figures, vehicles and accessories (5% discount)
B.W. Models - 20mm WW2 (10% on orders over GBP 10)
Bandera/Liberation Miniatures - 20mm SCW. Vietnam, Modern. (5% discount)
[Battlefield Miniatures]( - 20mm WW2 figures (10% discount)
C.P. Miniatures UK - 20mm WW2
Dixons Miniatures - WWII including British 8th army, Afrika Korps, Italian, Early war Germans, Russians.
East Riding Miniatures - Platoon 20 range of WW2, including Lamming Miniatures (10% discount)
FAA USA - Figures, Armour Artillery USA
Fibua Models - 20mm buildings (10% in person, free postage on Mail Order)
Lamercraft Mouldings - manufacturers and retailers of high quality 20mm WW2 figures and equipment sets (5% discount)
Milicast - 20mm WW2 resin vehicles (5% discount)
Minimi Miniatures - produce a high quality range of affordable WWII 20mm vehicles, 20mm and 28mm boats, and 28mm, 20mm, and 15mm terrain for wargamers (10% discount).
MMS - 20mm white metal WW2 vehicles (5% discount)
S & S Models - 20mm & 28mm resin vehicles - WW2, Modern (10% discount)
Shell Hole Scenics - 20mm resin buildings (10% discount)
Stonewall Figures - Manufacturer of Combat Miniatures UK (Hotspur)
Tumbling Dice Miniatures - 20mm WW1 figures (10% discount)


1st Corps - various 25mm ranges, including WWII and Korean War
Amazon Miniatures - 28mm Balkan Wars & WW2
Baker Company - 28mm Vietnam, Winter War & Zulu War (10% discount)
Battle Honours UK - 28mm WW2 figures, vehicles & accesories (10% discount)
Bolt Action Miniatures - 28mm Late WW2 figures (10% discount)
Commando Miniatures - 28mm specialist concentrating on the “End of Empire” period from the late 1950s to 1980
Crusader Miniatures - 28mm WW2
Dixons Miniatures - WWII including SAS (jeep), Commandos, Resistance and late war German. Generic civilian types which can be used for WWII, Gangsters and 1938.
Eureka Miniatures - Australian figure manufacturer, 28m Viet Nam
Great Escape Games - Publisher of “Rules of Engagement”, wargaming platoon sized actions in WWII, with accompanying miniature range.
Heroes of the Dark Age - 28mm Vikings, Saxons & Ancient Greeks + accessories (10% discount)
Lancer Miniatures - 28mm 1/48 Vehicles painting sticks Resin buildings/earthworks SYW 20mm figures WW1 Mid to late war 20mm WW2 1/72 vehicles WW2 20mm Figures second hand bits and bobs 1/72 Moderns Rule books, 20mm Scenery (10% discount)
Minimi Miniatures - produce a high quality range of affordable WWII 20mm vehicles, 20mm and 28mm boats, and 28mm, 20mm, and 15mm terrain for wargamers (10% discount)
[New Zealand Wargames Models] - 1/56th scale resin WW2 AFVs (5% discount)
Scheltrum Miniatures - German Revolution and the various Central European Civil Wars which followed WW1.
Sloppy Jalopy - 28mm Interwar trucks
The Assault Group - 28mm modern figures
West Wind Productions - 28mm WW2, Viet Nam


A & A Game Engineering - Air & Sea wargames rules (10% discount)
After The Battle Magazine - then & now historical comparisons and small unit actions
Ambush Alley Games - rules and accessories (10% discount through their web-shop only)
Britton Publishers - publishers of the Final Combat 20th Century Skirmish Rules
Caliver Books - Military Books, Wargames Rules & Figures, Uniform Guides, Osprey Books; Board Games; Living History resources; Paints & Scenery
Classic Books - publishers of the Jadgwaffe Colours series
Dadi & Piombo - an Italian wargames magazine. 10% discount on subscriptions to the magazine.
Free Wargames Rules - the place on the web for free miniature wargame rules
GB & SD Hobbies - Authors of Panzer Marsch WWII rules.
Helion & Company Ltd - Specialist booksellers and publishers in C20th military subjects
Hersants - Military Books
Jane’s Publications - Defence and security website
Lost Books - used/antiquarian books (5% discount)
Military history books - listed at Amazon UK
Military Modelling - covers all aspects of modelling military subjects
Miniature Wargames - Wargames Magazine
Motor Books - London based, very good aviation section
Naval Military Press - very wide range of mostly 20th Century subjects
Old Dominion GameWorks - rules, terrain, etc.
Shilka Publishing - Books and articles about military history and technology (20% discount)
Skirmish Campaigns - Skirmish campaign books & Arc of Fire Rules
Too Fat Lardies - “an ever growing range of rule sets for what we think are discerning wargamers”
Vandering Publications - publishers of Tankwrexk, Shipwreck and naval publications (5% discount)
Wargames Illustrated - Wargames magazine
Warwick Wargames - publishers of the Metal Storm rules for ultra modern small wars


Airbattle - air combat wargames
Belle & Blade - war films and lots of other stuff
Brigade Games - manufacture WWI figures for Western front and Africa, as well as carrying ranges from various other manufacturers.
Brookhurst Hobbies - wargames supplies in all scales (10% on orders over $25, 15% over $75)
Fernando Enterprises - a figure painting service based in Sri Lanka
Fidelis Models - offer 1/87 scale military vehicle model kits and 1/72, 1/87 & 20mm soldier figures (10% discount on orders over $50 - use coupon code SOTCW-VXTP during checkout.)
Hikoki - Aviation specialist
The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company - 28mm RCW and some WW1, including AFVs, but also 36mm Ultra moderns
Hovels - resin wargames buildings in 6, 10, 15, 20 and 28mm (5% discount except on Credit Card orders)
Irregular Miniatures - 2mm to 54mm figures & accessories, 1:1200 battleships, rules, etc
Langton Miniatures - naval specialist (10% discount)
Marbeth Designs - resin scenics and 28mm SF vehicles (5% discount)
Mikes Miniatures - 20mm SCW & WW2 (5% discount)
Minifigs - providers of Historical re-enactment miniature model soldiers & Army, Sci-fi and Fantasy figures for the hobbyist
North Star - 36mm WW2
Outpost Wargames Services - wargames supplier (10% discount)
Pacific Sky Games is an International Distributor specializing in Historical Miniature Games and Accessories.
Panzerschiffe - 20th century naval specialists
Paper Terrain sells paper wargame buildings suitable for World War II in 6mm, 10-12mm, 15mm and 20mm scale
Raiden Miniatures - 1/285th Scale Aircraft
Red Dragon Terrain - Scenery and terrain for 28mm wargames
Resina Planet are manufacturers of scenery of high level for wargames with miniatures in scale of 15mm, and scale 28/32mm
S & S Models - 1/76 & 28mm resin models & white metal figures. (Free P & P to UK members, 10% discount to other members)
Scale Model Accessories Ltd - suppliers of high quality resin products
Skyraider Miniatures - 1/300 WW2 and Modern aircraft (5% discount)
TimeCast - historic buildings in miniature
Timeline Miniatures - have a range of 15mm, 20mm & 28mm war-game scenery including modern
TM Terrain - custom-made terrain for wargamers, plus a figure painting service (10% discount for terrain, 5% for figure painting)
Wargames World Hobby Articles - including articles on painting, scenarios, terrain making and tactics.


Oblivion painting service (10% discount)
Reinforcements by Post: Painting service based in Bangladesh. Run by an SOTCW member.

TNKmodels: Painting and modelling service from Northern Ireland. (10% discount)

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