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Subscription 14 (PDF) - issues 83-88

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Subscription 12 (PDF) - issues 71-76

Subscription 11 (PDF) - issues 65-70

Subscription 10 (PDF) - issues 59-64

Subscription 9 (PDF) - issues 53-58

PDF back issues are also available at Wargame Vault.

Page last modified: March 08, 2018


Is it possible to buy either a pdf or paper copy of issue 48?
Paul Gallagher

At the moment you can only purchase electronic (PDF) copies of The Journal from Issue 53 onwards due to legal reasons. Issues prior to that can only be sold in print. Unfortunately at this time all back issues are out of stock.

We are currently looking into Print on Demand past issues but the old copies of The Journal will have to be looked at as they are not up to date with common standards for printing.
Pete (editor)

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