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1/72nd scale Humber Utility Car

First saw this on their Facebook page, but may have bought it via their Ebay store - waylander.2012

You get a very neat 2-piece resin casting - the vehicle basically cut in two. Obviously this makes for a very quick build as all you need to do is match up the two halves, check the fit (mine needed some light sanding) and glue. There were some holes in the resin and a little flash to be cleaned away (wheel arches and among the stowage in the rear), nothing too drastic and when done the finished piece looked excellent.


This vehicle would make a great addition to your desert forces, I think you could also use it in France 1940 also.
Richard B.

20mm Zone

Reviews by Richard B.

Bart9 25ldr Limber

In this pack you get two limbers, both 3-part white metal models - main caisson including towing arm plus two wheels. Dead easy to assemble, there was a tiny amount of flash and some faint mound lines which needed cleaning before undercoating. Both models took literally sixty seconds to assemble, great for the modeller who has no time or hates multi-part complicated kits.


Gveh1 Kubelwagon

In this pack you get a ready built resin Kubel, with white metal wind-screen, tilt and two crew figures.

The Kubel is smashing, though there were a few holes which had to be filled, the white metal tilt shows nice "cloth" detail, there was a little flash. The two crewmen - driver in side cap and passenger in helmet with MP40 as tidy enough and fit well into the vehicles cramped interior.

Frecolinf16 French colonial LMG team

Two prone figures wearing greatcoat, trousers and puttees/boots with full field kit - water-bottle haversack, and belt pouches. One is posed firing an FM29 LMG, the other his No2; you get separate heads so you can have them as either Senegalese (Chechia fez) or North African (Rexa turban), you also get a spare rifle. Nice figures, no flash.

FreInf21 French stretcher Team

Two soldiers with full kit wearing greatcoat and Adrian helmet, posed carrying a wounded comrade on a stretcher. The wounded guy is similarly dressed, his coat tails hang below the stretcher (nice touch), he has no head allowing you to give him whatever unit headgear you wish (you get a couple of variants in the pack); the bearers have armbands sculpted on (again a nice touch). The whole group looks the part, though I may paint these up to join my SCW medical unit rather than my French one.

uscav7mp US Cavalry LMG team

Two prone figures wearing 1916 era US cavalry uniforms and equipment with Baden Powell hat, They crew a M1909 Benet-Mercie machine gun as they used in Mexico. Nice figures no flash, you also get an ammunition case and spare rifle.

Early War Miniatures

Sgt`s Mess

Reviews by Richard B.

I5 Italian Breda LMG teams

These sculpts were formally from Reiver Castings which Gary now owns and sells under his Sgt`s Mess brand. You get four figures, a two-man prone firing team and a two-man moving team, the figures wear standard Italian uniform: jacket, trousers, boots w/puttees and carry light kit: haversack, water-bottle and belt pouches. The figures come without heads allowing you to use them as different units. You also get a couple of strips of heads (mine were either standard tin helmet or Bersaglieri tin helmet with feathers). The figures are OK, maybe not so detailed as some of the more modern sculptors (with my painting it makes little difference); there was however quite a bit of flash.

I9 Italian 81mm mortar team

Three figures as above, standing dropping bomb into tube, kneeling with bomb at the ready and running with bomb carrier pack and rifle; as above separate heads are provided. All comments about these figures are as above, except a couple of major quality control issues.

  1. I ordered pack I7 (Brixa 50mm mortar team) and whilst this pack is clearly marked I7; it is certainly NOT;
  2. there was no 81mm mortar in this pack just the figures and heads!


ME3French War Memorial

You get a 20mm square by 32mm tall sculpted plinth, each side has plaques sculpted on, very nice work too. To sit on top of this you get a 28mm tall French soldier in WW1 era kit standing to attention. This will stand well in any French town setting.


Sgt's Mess

Grubby Tanks & Britannia Miniatures

Reviews by Richard B.

Guns27 US M2 105mm Howitzer

Very simple 6-part white metal model, two wheels, two trail arms, axle/shield and gun.
Went together simply, no fuss rugged wargames model, there was a small amount of flash which was easy to clean.


AUS27 US artillery crew

Three figures; gun leader standing with map in left hand, netted helmet, Parson`s jacket, belt with pouches and pistol holster. Kneel gunner, plain helmet w/goggles, belt with pouches no other kit. Standing gunner with shell, netted helmet, belt with pouches no other kit. A little flash, the kneeling figure had mould lines too.

KH-USINF15 .30cal team firing

Three figures plus gun and base. Prone firer with entrenching tool, water-bottle and netted helmet; Kneeling NCO with netted helmet slung M1 carbine, haversack and water-bottle, kneeling loader with ammo can and belt in netted helmet has a slung carbine and musette bag. Nice figures in good poses with some lovely details, there was a fair bit of flash.

KH-ITA10 45mm mortar team

Two figures in normal Italian uniform in helmet, with ankle boots and rolled socks. The Brixa mortar is a gem, really nice detail, the gunner sits astride his weapon, his only visible kit is a water-bottle. The No2 crouches on all fours with a bomb ready to re-load, he has a water-bottle and haversack. nice figures, great detail.

KH-ITA20 20mm Breda cannon and crew

The gun is actually smaller and nicer than the Britannia one and I wish I`d known this a few months back when I bought the Britannia gun for a modelling project! 6-piece gun: Carriage, 2-wheels, gun, sighting gear, seat/trail; a nice level of detail. The crew all wear Italian Army uniform, the gunners are both in helmet, the seated one has no kit visible his kneeling loader has a haversack and water-bottle. The NCO is in field cap, kneeling with binoculars in his right hand, no kit visible. Nice poses, great gun, lots of flash on the figures.

KH-ITAP01 Italian Paratrooper command

Two figures both wearing paratrooper bone sacks. The officer wears a soft peaked fatigue cap, he holds binoculars in his right and a map in his left, he has a map case and pistol holster on his belt. The kneeling radio OP is bear-headed, he holds his earphones in place with his left hand. His only visible kit is a water-bottle on his belt. Nice interesting figures with good details, lots of flash however.

KH-ITA02 Three Italian paratroopers

All wear paratrooper bone sack and Italian paratrooper helmet. Advance at a crouch with Beretta SMG, his chest and back has several SMG magazine pouches plus there is a water-bottle and poncho on his belt. Standing firing Beretta SMG, standing upright firing from the shoulder, as above has chest and back are laden with magazine pouches, he also has cartridge pouches on his belt, but no other kit visible. The last figure is the classic grenade thrower, left arm raised about to hurl a stick-grenade with his right, he has a rifle slung across his back; his belt carries a water-bottle, cartridge pouches and a bayonet. Nice interesting figures could be used as Marines with careful pruning - some quite bad flash however.


Grubby Tanks

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